French sunshine is of the best in the world, I'm convinced. Their exotically foreign beach culture is in a word, sexy. Topless women lay about the coarse sand coastline; plumes of cigaret smoke rise from their terry cloth territories just as you imagine it would. It's early Fall, but we've managed to catch a heatwave and it's more than ideal basking weather.

My brother Evan is in France for the first time. Though if you know anything about him, you'll know he would have melted right in to this scene, as he typically does in any new place. We shot at the beaches first for the Slowtide SUM19 lookbook, then headed to this bowl we had been daydreaming about for years.

This was one of my favorite days of the trip. Love France, be back soon. x


Ahhh youth. As I've recently officially circled the sun 27 times, there's nothing that makes me wish time were spinning backwards more than after shooting with Selah Tennberg. Her innocent beauty and silent thoughts on the possibilities of this world ooze out through every frame. It's Springtime on the North Shore and this week of excessive amounts of April showers are sure to bring May flowers, and ideally sunshine again. Though in the meantime we'll be here, pretending like we've got the Blue Lagoon in Iceland all to ourselves.

A few images from our gloomy evening, below.



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Film, it's a beautiful thing. The instant-ness of our digital world sure is convenient, but it's hard to argue the happy feelings of getting back a roll of film and reliving the split moments you've nearly already forgotten about.

This batch of exposures is from my trip to Fiji a few months back. Of all the exotic destinations i've been to, there's undeniably something extra special about this place and it's people. Simple living does the world good, i think.

All shot on my Leica Mini Zoom 35-70mm film camera.