Film, it's a beautiful thing. The instant-ness of our digital world sure is convenient, but it's hard to argue the happy feelings of getting back a roll of film and reliving the split moments you've nearly already forgotten about.

This batch of exposures is from my trip to Fiji a few months back. Of all the exotic destinations i've been to, there's undeniably something extra special about this place and it's people. Simple living does the world good, i think.

All shot on my Leica Mini Zoom 35-70mm film camera.



After the Maldives trip with Corona, just a month ago, I was feeling pretty content with my quota of countries visited so far this year. A week in Fiji wasn't exactly on my mind...

Though as I sit here stealing wifi from a cafe at Musket Cove Island Resort, I'm trying to snap out of this daze and soak in the last few days of this South Pacific paradise. Corona graciously brought me along for another adventure, and i'm not mad about it. The cherry on top though was that my best friend Sage Erickson and her brother Noah happened to be here as well. Our dates overlapped by a couple days after she surfed in the WSL Fiji Women's Pro and we couldn't have planed it better ourselves. What are the odds. 

Fiji's beauty comes in two forms; its terrain and its people. The Fijian people are some of the kindest and most welcoming i've ever met. "Bula!" right and left. Time goes slower here. And me being from Hawaii, you know that statement is no joke. Touring by boat we've island hopped to uninhabited beaches, shell hunted on a sandbar 50ft across, and sipped sunset drinks on Cloud 9. Can't wait to get my roll of film back. Sitting in the channel at Cloudbreak as it showed a glimmer of its potential was pretty surreal. I'm totally cool with admitting how nerded out i was being in one of those boats that calmly slips over oncoming swell lines. Fiji time is pretty great. x



1. Wind breaker. The main form of transport between islands is by boat. It's a good idea to bring along a windbreaker to ward off the chill and salt spray. 

2. Rise up. Set your alarm and get up for a sunrise at least twice during your stay. The colors and calm of the morning is an incredible way to start the day. Don't miss out on this.

3. Hook up. With some fish. Get on a boat and cast a line in. Few things feel more right than cooking up the days catch for dinner that night.