Life is a wild ride, and this year seems to be one of my wildest. I love traveling, but I wasn't expecting to have Australia, Maldives, and Fiji under my belt by mid year. And with Tahiti, New York, Bali, and France upcoming, it was particularly nice to squeeze in a few days with my bestie Sage Erickson at home on the North Shore. Being apart of the WSL tour, her travel schedule is always more hectic than mine. So for the stars to align for her to spend a Summer week in Hawaii was pretty major.

I've had my water housing for over a year now. To me, having a housing was about experimentation and being immersed in a familiar yet unpredictable medium with a camera. I always new I wanted to my first housing to be from Waterhousings Hawaii. Taro Pascual is family and makes every water housing by hand through molds he's also made himself. Handmade by family, in my hometown on the North Shore; it was a no-brainer. With tv series Lost, the original Point Break, and shorebreak photographer Clark Little on his client list, having one of his housings is pretty sentimental. My housing feels like a family heirloom of sorts, and if digital cameras didn't evolve so damn fast I would pass it on to my future kiddos.

This is a snippet of the water images we collected that week for an upcoming project of Sage's. Bitty waves and giggling like 7yr olds, just her and I enjoying a last light session on the North Shore. As you can see, style comes easy for her.