The Maldives. If you're a surfer or have access to social media you've probably heard of them. I had, but I never thought I'd actually ever get to go there. A country comprised of 26 natural coral atolls and made up of hundreds of islands. It's beauty checks off all the tropical boxes that may come to mind; white sand, live coral reefs, palm trees, #cloudporn like crazy, and turquoise lagoons of the Indian Ocean.

This trip was totally unexpected and far surpassed epic. It came about when my friend Eden [ see his boards here, Dead Kooks ] mentioned his friend at Monster Children Creative was looking for a girl to go along for the filming of a new Corona campaign in the Maldives. I kind of laughed inside, not really expecting anything to come of it. But the stars aligned and a month later I was on a boat loaded up with boards and camera equipment. The crew, Chris Searl, Jasson Salisbury, Kieran Burke, Tallon Clemow, Rob Gray, and Lincoln Jubb was undoubtably the reason the trip was so fun. Lots of talent, great stories, and a few mishaps at the buffet. Epic. 

To me traveling is about those mind blowing, in awe, I can't believe i'm here right now, moments. And there were plenty of them on this trip. The elements of the Tropics make me melt; sunset colors backlighting a silhouette of palms, turquoise gradient depths of the ocean, surfing off a deserted island with no one else out. The Indian Ocean knows paradise.

Thanks for the amazing trip Corona!




If you're planning a trip to the Maldives [ lucky! ] here are a few things I took note of while there. These notes relate to the time of year I was there as well, mid to end of April, so things may be different depending on what time of year you choose to visit.

1. It's hot. I'm talking like 85% humidity, sweating 100% of the day, thank the Maker for AC, hot. The atolls basically straddle the equator so prep well for sunshine and also the heat. Brimmed hats [ in this case bigger is definitely better ], sunscreen, and my forever go-to, coconut oil for pre and post sun moisturizing. 

2. Snacks, bring them. The resort and surfers package we were on included all of our main meals, but I brought raw granola bars, chocolate, and other small items that were easy to toss in my bag. These small bites were nice to have when we left the island and boated to other surf spots for the day. 

3. Go snorkeling. Stick. Your. Face In. The. Ocean. This was one of the most memorable parts of the trip for me. The water is incredibly clear, you can already see so much from above surface. Though i'll never forget the instant I put my face in; mask on and my eyes focused. The reef is so alive, it was like Times Square down there! Schools of fish and iridescent-like coral hues playing off the depth of the ocean floors gradient.